term 6

New Beginner Courses Starting January 8th!

  • Monday 9pm
  • Tuesday 5pm
  • Thursday 9pm
  • Friday 6pm
  • Monday 5pm
  • Wednesday 9pm
  • Monday 9pm
  • Friday 7pm


Ever wanted to start aerials, but didn’t know how’d you go? Now is your chance!
We have a number of FREE trial classes coming up in the month of October so you can see if it’s something you would like to pursue further!
Just check out the available dates below, head to www.enpointeaerial.gettimely.com, and book the time that best suits you. It’s that easy!

Beginner’s Free Trial Pole class:

  • Monday 4th Dec 4pm & 9pm
  • Tuesday 5th Dec 5pm
  • Wednesday 6th Dec 5pm
  • Thursday 7th Dec 4pm
  • Friday 8th Dec 8pm
  • Wednesday 20th Dec 7pm
  • Thursday 21st Dec 6pm
  • Wednesday 27th Dec 6pm
  • Thursday 28th Dec 7pm
  • Tuesday 2nd Jan 5pm
  • Wednesday 3rd Jan 6pm
  • Thursday 4th Jan 7pm
  • Friday 5th Jan 4pm

Beginner’s Free Trial Aerial class:

  • Monday 4th Dec 4pm, 5pm & 9pm
  • Wednesday 6th Dec 9pm
  • Thursday 7th Dec 5pm
  • Friday 8th Dec 7pm
  • Wednesday 20th Dec 6pm
  • Thursday 21st Dec 6pm
  • Wednesday 27th Dec 7pm
  • Friday 29th Dec 5pm
  • Wednesday 3rd Jan 6pm
  • Thursday 4th Jan 6pm


We have a range of casual classes running throughout the week, so there’s something to suit everyone! All casuals run for the full 8 weeks of the term and can be booked for the full course for $99, or you can pay as you go at $15 per class.


  • 7pm Stretch


  • Exotic 6pm
  • Splits 7pm


  • Floorwork 5pm

All classes are available to be booked now!
Please visit www.enpointeaerial.gettimely.com to book online.