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“I have been training and performing since the age of 10. I have been to many studios all over Victoria & in my experience En Pointe by far has the best facilities. 3 studios in total an aerials studio, a pole studio and a competition studio, not to mention kitchen and shower facilities for those who need to chill out in between classes. All teachers at En Pointe are trained to the highest standard not just in pole and aerials but in safety and correct technique. Everyone at En Pointe is encouraging and friendly to all which stems down from the lovely, positive teachers.”

– Brooke B

“5 stars!! At first glance En Pointe Aerial Academy is one of (if not the best) facility you’re likely to find in Victoria, then you’re immediately made to feel welcome and comfortable by the amazing staff and instructors. The classes are really well structured and a load of fun, not long after starting I noticed my weight dropping and that I was getting so much stronger! I had been going to the gym to lose weight and tone up a bit, it was boring and it wasn’t working so decided to take the plunge and I joined up on my own but I quickly made friends with the other ladies in the class. I was 12 weeks post op from a cesarean at the time and the instructor (Jenny Toner) was able to give me different variations of exercises to suit my abilities and at the end of the first term I passed assessments with the rest of my class. I have now been doing classes with Jenny and the other teachers for 3 years, have lost a total of 20kgs and at 33 years old I’m capable of doing tricks that I never thought I’d be able to do! I absolutely love everything about En Pointe and highly recommend it to anyone!”

– Lauren P

“I started pole 6 months after having my second daughter, to help lose some of the baby weight. After the first class I was hooked, Jen was amazingly helpful and a pleasure to be around, and all the girls we’re all so lovely, I’ve made amazing life long friends. I love the confidence pole has given me and how strong I’ve become. I would highly recommend this studio, you will fit right in”

– Bianca G

Love, love, love. I’ve been a student with the team here at En Pointe for 4 years. The atmosphere here is amazing and everyone is very friendly and approachable. It makes you feel very welcome. Everyone is willing to go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable, confident, sexy and safe. It’s a wonderful environment. I have gained so much from the team here, everything from memories to muscles and pushed myself further than I ever could imagine. 5+ stars

-Stacey D

“We started pole with the sole intention of further developing our strength and fitness after years of gym training. Within a few weeks we were completely hooked. Coming from a strong fitness background, we had never seen such massive gains; not only in strength and fitness but also confidence. We were stoked to see that our gym progress soared and continues to improve out of sight each week. On top of all this the teachers are simply amazing. They go above and beyond for their students, bringing energy and inspiration to each and every class. The girls are all extremely supportive and fun to be around. We love our new pole family!!”

– Jess, Ash and Karen.

“Friendly, professional, fit and able staff. Extremely fun environment, I originally signed up just for something a little different to help get my fitness up and whilst its extremely challenging I’m seeing great results, especially in my upper body strength and through my core. Definitely recommend it for anyone up for a challenge and looking to have a lot of fun along the way!”


“I started pole initially as a plus one to a friend. I have a strong strength and fitness background, yet landed some long term injuries, which have not allowed me to compete or hit the high levels of training as I previous could. The friend I started with dropped out after second term due to personal reasons. I however, have grown quite a fondness to my new addiction. At the beginning although I did not have an issue with the strength side of things, I was quite unco-ordinate and this was quite frustrating. I have seen a dramatic shift in my core, co-ordination, and strength in the stability muscles which was minimal before. Pole has also allowed me to begin to build my training back up slowly outside of the classes; it definitely is a great cross – training tool to utilize. The first steps into a pole dancing class can be quite intimidating, however, “You walk in as strangers and leave as friends”, really does apply here!!! The teachers are friendly, warm and welcoming. They are also very experienced and have the ability to adapt to each individual training method to suit the way each member absorbs information.I highly recommend to all.”

– Jay