Aerial Silks, also known as Aerial Tissu, is a fun and challenging aerial apparatus. In these classes you will learn how to climb, perform static and spinning tricks, sequences and drops.
A great way to increase upper body and core strength, full body flexibility and endurance.




New Beginner Courses starting May 7th!


  • Thursday 6pm


Have you been thinking about starting pole or aerials but wanted to try a class first? Keep an eye out for upcoming FREE trial dates!

Beginner’s Free Trial Aerial class:

  • Tues 17th April 5pm
  • Thur 19th April 9pm
  • Friday 20th April 5pm
  • Mon 23rd April 5pm
  • Fri 27th April 6pm
  • Mon 30th April 5pm
  • Tue 1st May 5pm
  • Thurs 3rd May 9pm

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