Debut Amateur Competitions

Debut Amateur Competitions.


En pointe aerial academy presents: Debut amateur competitions
Organiser Jenny Toner
Debut will be held, When: Saturday 11th August 2018 Where: Wendouree Performing Arts Center, Ballarat, VIC.
Debut is NOT a graded comp
Entry is open to all Australian permanent resident or citizens, must be 18 years or older at the time of the competition.
Style of competition- Performance. We are open to all styles and genres, but criteria will be weighted towards performance and entertainment value.

Auditions open Monday 7th May 2018.
Please send entries to: by midnight Monday 4th June 2018
Please ensure you return all pages.
Please attach 2 high res photos, 1x headshot and 1x apparatus shot. (no logos or branding on photos)
Groups, please ensure you are all in all photos (collages are acceptable)
Groups please ensure you fill in all participants names on the entry form.

Entry fees are $15 per application (if you enter more than one section, {solo and groups}, you will be required to submit separate entries and pay both entry fees. Entrants will only be selected for one section, at organisers discretion).
Only one entry fee of $15 required per “group” entry.

Payment can be made by sending payment to En Pointe Aerial Academy via bank transfer. Please use your DEBUT and your real name as reference.

Sections- If you are unsure which section you should enter, please contact us prior to submitting your audition. Please note that we will be checking your social media, pervious history and with your studio to confirm your level.

Audition videos:
Must be Less than 2 minutes long (if it is longer than 2 minutes, we will cease watching at 2 minutes)
One full routine, no show reels or edits
It does not have to be the show you will perform on the night but should reflect the style you will compete.
Will be judged against the live show criteria so please ensure you have a costume, theme, props, or anything else.

What we’re looking for:
Pointed toes and Stretched legs.
Facial expressions, performance value, X-Factor!
Listening to and responsiveness to music, picking up accents and changes. Suitable tricks and choreography.
Smooth transitions on and around the pole, in tricks and choreography.
Variety of movement, interesting choreography and tricks, no repetition.
Clean and strong, tricks and combos.

Video entries may be submitted by link to Youtube, Vimeo or Dropbox. Videos must remain available for viewing for up to 1 month after auditions close.

Only completed entries, with full payment received, will be eligible for judging.
Must complete entry form in full and return before the due date

Feedback will be given to any auditionee who requests it. (Please be mindful, this may take some time if we receive many requests)

Props are allowed (all props must be able to be brought on and off stage in under 1 minute by 2 or less people) but must be approved by Jen, no less than 1 month prior to the event date.
Human props are allowed but must not be on stage for more than half of your routine and must not use the apparatus or be involved in pole tricks.

Costumes must be modest and not include g-strings, nudity/partial nudity, or pasties.  Removing clothing is allowed as long as modesty and above rules are maintained. Shoes are optional.

Entries open Monday 7th May 2018 and close at midnight Monday 4th June 2018

Please see Competition rules and criteria for more information on the competition itself HERE

Beginner comp x8
Inter comp x8
Adv comp x8
Elite show x4 (this is a performance opportunity for those already at a advanced competition level)
Groups (2-4 people) x5 (can be mixed women/men)
Men comp x5