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En Pointe Aerial Academy

Aerial Hoop
Aerial Silks
Pole Fitness
Courses & Casual classes
Womens & Mens classes
Functions & Parties
Fully qualified instructors

3/1 Glenville Dr, Melton
(Entry on Reserve Road)
0403 943 447


At En Pointe Aerial Academy we strive to give students the best possible facilities, staff and environment.

With a focus on Fun, Fitness and Friendship, our classes are designed so everyone can achieve no matter their fitness level, background or goals.

What we offer:

8 week courses in Aerial Hoop, Silks or Pole.
Small class sizes, 4-9 students per class, for more personalised tuition.

Casual classes to complement your course or for those who can’t commit to 8 weeks. Flexibility training, dance, acrobatics, burlesque and more.

Men welcome in Aerial hoop and Silks.
Women’s only Pole Fitness.
Ages 16+

We also offer functions, hens parties and more. Ask us to tailor an event to your occasion.

Our venue:

3 State of the art studios, purposefully built, with safety in mind.

The only aerial specific studio in Victoria with 8x fully height adjustable to 4.5m, interchangeable aerial points, anchored to specifically engineered steel trussing.

A Pole studio with 10x 45mm Stainless steel Xpert Xpoles, 3.5m high rigged into specifically engineered industrial steel beams.

A pole competition studio and versatile dance space with 2x Brass 40mm Xpert Xpoles 3.5m high rigged into specifically engineered industrial steel beams.

Why are we called En Pointe Aerial Academy?

When studio owner Jen was deciding on the name for the studio, she thought long and hard about what she wanted for the studio. What did she want the name to say about her and the studio, who did she want to appeal to, what influences the studio and it’s classes, what would we represent.

Jen has a background in dance, having done so since the age of 4. She majored in classical Ballet and Ballet is still a huge part of her life, she’s still teaching it at The Academy in Ballarat.

So what does it mean? En Pointe, pronounced On Point, is a Ballet reference. To be En Pointe, is to be on your tip toes in Pointe shoes (specially made ballet shoes). Jen spent many years (and still does) dancing around in her Pointe shoes.  Jens ballet history definitely influences her teaching style, her classes and the classes taught at the studio.

Students of Jens also know how she feels about floppy feet and is often heard telling them to  “Point your feet” in classes.

The aerial studio also has aerial rig “points” from which the apparatus for classes are hung. So when student are training, they really are, on point.

Not to mention, Urban dictionary defines On Point as; to be perfect, satisfy, meet someones standards.

En Pointe was never going to be labelled a “pole studio”. The aerial hoop and silks classes are as important as the pole classes and so the name had to be inclusive of everything the studio offers, hence Aerial Academy.

En Pointe Aerial Academy represents where Jen has come from and where she hopes to continue going, up and up and staying En Pointe.